Welcome to e-obs GmbH!

We are an innovative company based in Germany. We are specialized in engineering and producing high-end GPS telemetry products to study animal movement and behaviour.

Our special focus are lightweight GPS-tags combining high data rates and remote data download capabilities. Our goal is to enable biologists to observe animals in the wild using electronic means in order to gain valuable and detailed behavioural information.

Our products enable researchers to analyse small scale movement (e.g. bird using thermic updrafts) and distinguish distinct behaviors (e.g. bird in active flight vs. gliding vs. resting on ground / fox sleeping vs. walking vs. running).

e-obs offers bird tags as well as mammal collars in numerous shapes and sizes for a variety of study approaches.

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Research Highlights

SCIENCE COVER 2015-06-19

Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin, Damien R. Farine, Iain D. Couzin, Margaret C. Crofoot Shared decision-making drives collective movement in wild baboons SCIENCE 19 June 2015, Vol. 348 no. 6241 pp. 1358-1361, DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa5099


First papers in 2016:

A. Flack, W. Fiedler, J. Blas, I. Pokrovsky, M. Kaatz, M. Mitropolsky, K. Aghababyan, I. Fakriadis, E. Makrigianni, L. Jerzak, H. Azafzaf, C. Feltrup-Azafzaf, S. Rotics, T. M. Mokotjomela, R. Nathan, M. Wikelski, Costs of migratory decisions: A comparison across eight white stork populations, Sci. Adv. 2, e1500931 (2016).

Scharf AK, LaPoint S, Wikelski M, Safi K, Acceleration Data Reveal Highly Individually Structured Energetic Landscapes in Free-Ranging Fishers (Pekania pennanti), PLoS ONE, 11(2): e0145732. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0145732